The Write Off

by Red Light Compliance

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Agent K(ahunasan)
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Agent K(ahunasan) Punk POP the way it used to be. Reminiscent of YellowCard, Allister, and a little NFG to boot.
Very catchy and bouncy songs that get the toes tapping.
Great potential; but the next release calls out for better production and mastering. Favorite track: Down and Out.
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released February 11, 2012



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Red Light Compliance Chicago, Illinois

Rock/Punk/Alternative band Red Light Compliance hails from Chicago, IL. After going through a few members and a name change, RLC has solidified their lineup with Jim Mack (vocals/guitar), Peter Mayoral (vocals/guitar), Rob Wash (bass guitar) and Joe Corson (drums). The band released their debut EP The Write Off in February 2012. RLC just recently released their full length album "Dead Youth". ... more

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Track Name: Johnny Off the Wall
Wishing and waiting for this miracle to save me, I know its not supposed to come alive, Showing me I got to fall in line with this political state of mind, its supposed to help me redefine the road I'm taking down, the yellow, or the one that undisguised. I can only stay awhile to say the least, I can only fake this smile to stay in the lead. Watch me on the ballroom floor, dancing now I'm out the door, with the one you hate me to be with. I know how it goes, each one is supposed to get a rose, and the one without walks down memory lane to the hall of shame. I can see it in your eyes that its no surprise that no one like you more than me. Its not to late to comprehend its just a way to kill time. We were kids in the making at heart from rushing the barricades to falling apart. Let me set the record straight with you, look you put me in my place, look at you taking a hold of this situation. I got to get out of here. I got to get out alive.
Track Name: Down and Out
You're probably thinking that, I'm no good at best, I'm better off at home (better off at home), so I put this pen in my hand, writing down and out my final thoughts to my master plan. Break the ice on the weak end so we can fall right into the deep end, isn't this exciting inviting you in for a drink. These cheap thrills and coffee spills aren't much for conversation, head under water and can't breathe, someone pull the plug before we all sink and go down. Breath it in for awhile and let it drown you out of all your memories and disregards, now put this pen in your hand, the only way to secure these minor thought at hand, I thought you'd understand. For when I go down, down in history, the world's watching and waiting behind closed doors, lets give them something to talk about, I can't go down and out alone. So hit the lights and, fall into me we'll, drown into a sea of, blankets and sheets.
Track Name: A Breakdown
Can we please stop this now, wait and I will show you how, give me just a moment so I can see the real you. If you go down that dark road, I'll wait for you to come back home run back into my arms so I can have the best of you. Well I'm not done entertaining, so don't try to block me out this time, no I'm not done entertaining, so don't try to lock me out this time. I'm not done entertaining so keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on dreaming now. This is just a breakdown between you and me, hold on and I'll let you see for yourself, this is just the proof you need for one hell of a happy ending. Look at what you put me through, I'll wait for you to show me who, who you really are so I can have the best of you. If I come back to see you (if you go down), don't stand up and say we're through (that dark road), you run away from problems (don't let it get), now lets see the best of you (the best of you) well I'm still here entertaining, so don't try to block me out this time, your heart beat is still not fading, won't stop can't stop this beating, lets stop all of this faking and keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on dreaming now. Don't you stop believing (don't stop believing) will you stop deceiving yourself.
Track Name: For the Record
I've been locked away for days stuck in this rut-like maze trying to figure out the easy way to the path that leads me straight away to the tunnel visions all I see darkness all around me but given hope ill find the switch to hit the lights to knock you down without a sound. You'll never see the night life like I did before I changed, set the stage right, lock the doors, hope this time around I'll come back safe and sound. Dove right through the window and I found a one night stand with a letter bound note to self pick yourself up off the ground. I'm ready to break these walls, I'm ready to crack this code, give me a reason not to let myself go down and out alone. These are my finest hours, I'm on the clock five to nine to see the hope in a cracking shell, the hope to come alive this time around.
Track Name: Twenty and One for Luck
Are we to hard headed or just to afraid to change all the things we've become, I'll give you two weeks notice to give us a chance to rearrange these days, scripture spoken through the radio waves. Its up for us to decide whether we should survive. I'm not writing you another drunken lullaby please listen to these words (listen to these words). Should've just become another traffic cop in hopes my charades will eventually put a stop to another falling shelf that holds the monopolized cliché assortments of the same old shoots and ladders believe me when I say that they bring back oh they bring back all these memories and useless regrets that I can't forget. Sow your seeds before we take this off the ground before we go and you let go. Ready or not we're different than the rest semi-pertinent to the experiment. Sow your seeds before we take this off the ground before we go and you let go. Ready or not we are different than the rest semi-pertinent to the experiment.
Track Name: Waiting Room
My life's been wasted, watch the clock hands shift, twelve A.M. you can taste a new day the same old shit, maybe once I wake I'll fry my eyes against this screen, staring through this window, virtual reality. You set me on the edge and waited for me to fall, I hit the bottom and lost it all. Heard from my friends that you tripped up the stairs last night, well I did the same to the next story of my life. A left hook across the face there is no grace in this fight, in this life. Maybe I'll just stand up like before and promise to myself I won't live like this anymore. knocked to the floor with dreams that are no more. Waves toss me back and forth, there's nothing left, this is my last breath, where is the shore? Sit and wait for the cure, its nothing new, all you have to do is check your dreams at the door. Our clocks tick slowly, so slowly. Silents screams echo in the waiting room, here we are, we're doing nothing.